Making Marmalade Sandwiches! Yum!

Last week we were learning all about instructions. We made our own instructions to make Marmalade Sandwiches and then followed them to actually make our own Marmalade Sandwiches! We had so much fun and didn’t get too sticky in Marmalade.


Our animal fact files 🦍🐘🦒🦏🐐🐺🐗

After being completely in love with the animals at the zoo it inspired us to write animal fact files. Today in groovy Green we found lots of different facts from books about an animal of our choice. We then wrote up our favourite facts on whiteboards. Tomorrow we are going to write our facts up into our books and create an animal fact file. We found so many amazing facts! Did you know that giraffes have to split their legs apart so they can drink water! 🦒

“We’re going on a leaf hunt!”🍃🌿🌳🍂🍁

Today we went to dimple fields to find lots of different leaves! Tomorrow we are going to be investigators and discover which tree the leaves are from. We were lucky enough to spend our playtime at dimple field so Miss Simpson let us play on the climbing frame and zip wire! It was so much fun! 

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